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A new day for liberty and justice for all

Well, I have been working hard earning my pennies and know that we are on the precipice of victory or disaster.  We have so many unpatriotic people in America that are a cancer to progressivism and liberty we need to take measures into our own hands or else 99.999% of homo sapien sapiens will perish in a meaningless and inconsequential life...  No tears from me.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HwmO_GZfzI

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Happy Halloween 2016!

Well it was a great few days in America.  The kids are all happy with their candy and the system all scared by their ghosts in the closets.  Too funny and too sad what will happen in just a few more days.  I sure hope this great nation stands up for FREEDOM AND JUSTICE otherwise we are not much better than a Banana Republic and will be thrown into the trash bin.  Freedom was never free and it seems that most so called Americans are fine with giving it away and not even knowing they are.  I guess too many people don't read or think independently and are just small pawns to the system.  Such a sad day for Liberty and Justice... Get ready it could get very ugly really quickly.  So let's see, if Hillary gets elected the union may drop to 41 states or more, people will start realizing that everything is FUBAR and against the tennents of our foundation.  The purge will occur quickly and be captured at every angle imaginable in HD resolution.  And the poor suckers who built their lives on television will be running around in circles trying to realize what the heck is going on.  All the while our freedoms and justice will disappear each and every year until it is clear America is no longer the beacon it was set out to be.  The land of the bought and the home of the corrupt.

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Aren’t you getting sick and tired of “Mental Masterbation”?

We are doomed yes doomed with all this nice talk when the world is dying each and every day around us.  I guess you haven't noticed because you are a pawn of the machine who is seeking your last penny.  What a shame on humanity.  What a shame on Humanity!  You dumb fuck!  Wake up and realize that you are nothing more than a pawn in this system that is consuming our precious and strong planet we all named earth.  I can't wait until the 2040s when the shit will most definitely be hitting the fan and most people will be clueless in cleveland because of their useless and pathetic existences.  We have a major problem here people and 2015 was the last dying hope that things could get fixed and guess what.  They're not.  So I will live like there is no tomorrow because technically there isn't a tomorrow and fucking disrespect and hate all those morons who went along with the status quo for far too long killing this place that is so deeply precious.  I had a bee land on my knee the other day dropping some pollen on my leg and was so fucking pissed at this mess that we have absolutely no chance of fixing thanks to the turkeys that have been running the world for the past half a century.  There is no heaven, there is no hell, there is no afterlife and you should have known there is absolutely no god on this disgustingly stupid planet ruined by the corrupt.

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Well it’s been a few years since I posted here

Well looking back at this site and the ideas I shared with the world going back 4 years now, I pretty much was spot on with what is happening and will continue to happen unless major and significant structural changes are made in modern societies around the world.  We now have a group spreading throughout the world trying to drag the world back into the stone ages and a small group of progressives like myself doing amazing things pushing the envelope forward each and every day.  This is a dilemma as most sit and find comfort in really stupid things like television and modern media.  I have grown tremendously as a human being in the past four years thanks for a great amount of hard work and a little bit of luck.  I look forward to the next four years and have laid a solid foundation on which some truly amazing things are being born.  It is great when your hard work finally gives birth to great things.  Until next post have a great day!


Well it’s been a while and lots to talk about

Well, I haven't been posting here as I have been busy doing so many amazing things it is hard to keep track.  The most recent one is coming through on 11.12.13 checkout www.weRwe.com/one and pickup your copy today!  Cheers, John

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Visit a great site now

Well a new site www.facebook.com/birdcows was launched January 30, 2012.  Check it out there is lots of interesting content there!

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Is this all in a longer term plan?

For many years almost a decade now I have been wondering if the current state of things has been carefully orchestrated to end in such a mess. I try not to create conspiracy theories and try to block out those items that are cynical. However, my thoughts this year are that all this money in big corporations is being hoarded for after the 2012 election in America. I feel at times a large scale conditioning is taking place where ideals that hurt the most are given extra life to continue and the shipwreck that will be unavoidable brought closer with each passing year. How can all this debt around the world not have any consequence? Will corporations only pump money into economies once they receive special favor from politicians so they can grossly reap returns on the backs of millions who are exploited and suffer? How can it be fair to have all the pain placed on the many for the benefit of a few? When will things pass the tipping point and create such an ugly world where hate and anger split the world into chaos? I see this more and more each passing year and wonder if we are all being tricked by all the noise pollution bombarding us every day. And those rare and special leaders who stand up to try and fight against the waves of corruption that are so entrenched in our world today have little hope as the power elite have decided that it is best to narrow the spectrum until it has only one option that wields so much harm and suffering.


What event will mark the start of the 21st century?

I have been waiting patiently hoping something somewhere will transform the world into recognizing that we are in a new century.  It is hard when we have been taught to live such linear lives.  I am waiting for the day when each day offers such a random experience that we are free from the past.  Interactive television brings exhilarating content that is uninterrupted by commercials and engaging.  People truly collaborate creating amazing things with the world and tackle the hardest challenges.  Each week builds upon the next with global projects open to millions of inspired activists willing to invest their own effort to leave something bigger than societies of past.  Looking at history we know that in previous centuries slaves were utilized to create amazing things like pyramids and other relics.  I am convinced that if volunteering was all linked together and once you register as a concerned global citizen in a massive world network of opportunity and governments around the started to create centers where anyone could walk off the street and start getting engaged in projects of massive scale the 21st century could be remembered as the most pivotal on in history.  People would spend vast amounts of time creating instead of consuming allowing the global community to collectively reach higher levels.  Connecting with knowledge and talent cultivating communities that embrace collaboration and sharing would be so common.  Imagine a world where each day offers such a fresh and exhilarating experience you can't wait for the next.  Reality that transcends fantasy is where we are at this very moment.  All the contrived notions and theories discarded by the dozens each new year with fresh new approaches taking root spreading like wild flowers in fields undamaged by man.  I am still hopeful I hope you are too...  Happy New Year!

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Sipping wine trying to see a way

Is it true?  Every year/month/week/day is proving there is no way.  All this stuff hanging over mankind can't simply get ignored another four years thank you mother nature for proving time waits for nothing.  We may fool ourselves into believing we have dominion over this special gem we call earth yet each passing moment leads us to recognize we will all get discarded and refreshed by something greater more special than all the man made words we were able to create over the past one hundred fifty thousand years.   My only wish is that it all ends quickly without much understanding of how it all went so terribly wrong.  Were we all captivated by our own invention that we lost sight of our responsibility passed down through the ages?  Did the manufactured distraction of the last moments please us so deeply that we were numb to the consequences?  Were we just made dull and dumb by all this noise to ever hear the call?

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What is experience?

Experience is a very simple thing that passes by most every second of every day.  It is so beautifully simple that most discard or don't recognize it's presence.  I have learned in my life to create a special antenna that remains stuck in a gather state every moment.  It is amazing to reach this place and I am so happy to have been welcomed in to gather and process all the fickle yet infinite incarnations.  Whether it is the creaking of an artificial chair on real wood or the garbled passing words of neighbors it opens the mind to create so much.  When experience is filled or overloaded with possibility it often can lead many to a singular path but when limited to its rawest form opens the doors to the eternal and unbound.

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